Deaf Autism Statistics by Gallaudet University

Research conducted by Gallaudet. Christen A. Szymanski, Patrick J. Brice, Kay H. Lam and Sue A. Hotto (2012)

[Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. 42, pp. 2027-2037]

*1 in 59 Children (8 year olds) with hearing loss were also receiving services for autism

*Significantly more children with profound hearing loss (35.4%) had a co-morbid diagnosis of autism than those with milder forms. Previous findings suggested that there was no correlation between severity of hearing loss and severity of autism.

*Additional relevant conditions in a child with hearing loss (related for example to low vision, blindness, intellectual disability, and ADHD) might confound how a child will be diagnosed and counted.

*Children with hearing loss and ASD are more likely than their peers without ASD to be involved in programs having sign language for the deaf . Hearing children with autism also exposed to sign language have shown improvements in communication and socialization. Questions remain as to the best educational setting. Further research is required to determine optimal placement strategies.