It’s about that IEP time again

In one of many IEP’s this will be his age 4 IEP.

Completely stressed out……besides the drama from my last post, we have a lot of decisions to make.  I have to consider a lot of things but my previous post is the least of my worries.  I have to get my IEP game face on.  Gather the team up and discuss the game plan.  Of course, I already started it but I kind of don’t know how this one is going to play out.  at any rate, pray for us that we can get through this stressful week.  IEP is on Thursday and I’m a nervous, anxious wreck.

Lots of things to think about, lots of things to consider, most are pending administrators that will determine the outcome and that in itself sucks.

stay tuned…

Update on Lucas: so I took my nephews (ages 13 and 10) to the park with Lucas and when I pick them up from school, I can tell on their faces that they are annoyed at each other.  As a mother of A DHH child, you learn to read body language.  Once I ask so what’s the problem now?  They both say, “he’s sooooo annoying” in unison.  Fast forward past the hours of play at the park [everyone was still intact] and after dinner, DH and I were watching a youtube video and we hear in the background. “… so annoying!!”

DH and I looked at each other and silently chuckled but at the same time I realized, darn, he’s becoming the sponge!!! Be careful what you say and how you say it kiddies! lol  among many other things, my son has made some regression with his autism.  A lot of mannerisms that have resurfaced.  For me, it’s probably one of many.  But this is the first of many and it’s heartbreaking for me.  A year and a half of what I believe to be some intensive therapy and regression.  Why? How?  Was I not doing enough?  I wish someone can talk to me about it.  I don’t know what to feel, what to do…

What I do know is that at this IEP I must ask to have his autism be part of his disability because it is quite evident that it really needs to be addressed and both need to have a mesh of services in order for him to be successful.  Ever since PRT began, I often wondered how it worked after his current school.  And now it has come to the crossroads that we really have to take his autism seriously.  Not that we didn’t take it seriously before but amongst my plethora of research, found out that 1 in every 58 or 55th child diagnosed with a hearing loss of any degree is also being diagnosed with autism.  Quite staggering isn’t it?  That’s my son.  And yet I still have to find a parent who can relate…maybe I have 2 parents.  I realized that at this point in time we are at a crossroads and need to let the SD be aware that in order for my child to succeed, he’ll need autism to be part of his diagnosis…he may seriously need an aide [behavioral or social tbd]

Talk about overwhelmed! …..keep us in your thoughts & prayers! updates later..


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